A Landscape of AI-discovered Molecules and Target Novelty Analysis

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We have recently launched a report, “It’s Been a Decade of AI in the Drug Discovery Race. What’s Next?” where we gathered historical data about drug pipeline progression over the years for the select AI-driven drug discovery platforms.

Those included BenevolentAIExscientiaInsitroInsilico MedicineRecursion PharmaceuticalsRelay TherapeuticsSchrödingerVerge Genomics, and Valo Health

The landscape of AI-discovered Drug Candidates and Targets

Now, we’ve gone a step further and attempted to analyze novelties of targets that the above companies are pursuing for their leading drug programs. The excel file with all the data we now have is available for download below. 

Some of the targets were highly novel and even AI-discovered, like in the case of Insilico Medicine, Recursion Pharmaceuticals, Schrodinger and Verge Genomics.

In other cases, targets were moderately novel, or even very old and well-known.

This target novelty evaluation is an ongoing study, so we might be further adjusting the novelty evaluation methodology for the upcoming research paper. 

Please, do not hesitate to send us any suggestions, or inputs via contact form or by commenting below.

File download (click on the image below):


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