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* Listing in BPT Crunch is subject to moderation for a number of specific criteria, and approval by the analytical team. The key criteria for inclusion are the following:

Fundraising criterion

We list only companies who managed to raise at least a Seed round and up to an initial public offering (IPO) stage. In some cases, we can list companies funded by government or private grants.

Emerging company criterion

We focus exclusively on relatively new companies, those in the active growth stage (startups, scaleups, recent IPOs). Long-established global companies, like “big pharma”, will not be listed.

Scientific background criterion

To be considered for listing in BPT Crunch, a company must possess a unique R&D platform or expertise.

Proof-of-concept criterion

A company must possess proof of its research in the public domain (peer-reviewed articles, published use cases, collaboration announcements, etc.)

Industrial focus criterion

We only accept companies within the Pharmaceutical industry, Biotech, Medical Devices, Healthcare Tech, and some closely related sub-industries. We typically do NOT list companies with service-oriented business models (consultancy firms, patent law firms, biotech consulting companies etc).

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