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Increase Deal Flow By Keeping Your Company Profile Up-to-date

BPT Editor Tool allows you to quickly edit your company profile at our website and in our business intelligence platform -- BPT Analytics. Our readers and subscribers include thousands of the life science industry professionals -- investors and industry analysts, pharma executives, biotech startup founders, innovation scouts, industry and academic researchers, procurement managers, consultants, and more.

While our sophisticated engine collects and maps public data about your company automatically from multiple sources online, there is no better way to make sure the information is 100% accurate than your manual contribution.

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Here’s what happens when you login and submit changes to your company profile (or create a new company profile):

  • Your edits are automatically forwarded to one of our analysts who moderates the process
  • After data check, the analyst marks your edits as valid (or contacts you for additional information, if needed).
  • Valid edits are updated to BPT Analytics platform database, and become available to all our users and partially -- to all website visitors.