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We welcome you to contribute freely blog posts, opinion pieces, commentaries and other types of creative content to be published at

You may contribute content to one of the following Columns:

  • Biopharma Insights (a bird's view on some industry-specific topics, including but not limited to regulatory or social aspects)
  • White Papers/Industry Reports (educational and explanatory articles, reviews of novel technologies or trends in a wider context of biopharmaceutical industry)
  • Tools, Products, Technologies (articles about specific products or lists of products and how to apply them for specific needs. This MUST NOT be a promotional content, which will be rejected.)
  • Featured Research (commentaries on recent research articles/news)
  • Drug Discovery Insights (a more technical opinions about drug discovery innovations/trends/etc)

To start contributing posts, please, send us the following information at

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  • Your current photo (Linkedin profile photo works well in most cases)
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Please, refer to the summary of basic editorial guidelines below (for more detailed information, please, read our Terms of Use carefully):

Basic editorial guidelines:

  • we reserve the right to modify content provided by authors in some instances. Subject to approval by the authors.
  • we reserve the right not to publish certain pieces of content if we find it is beyond the general scope of topics at and your personal Contributor Column in particular.
  • most of the content that we publish at our portal is original and was not submitted to other publications before. While this is not a strict rule and you can contribute certain amount of previously published content (for example, on Linkedin), we kindly encourage to keep as much of the publications original, as is possible.
  • by contributing content to, you certify that such content does not violate copyright or intellectual property rights (including text, images, photos, diagrams etc). You MUST hold copyright for all content that you contribute to our website.
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