About Us

BiopharmaTrend is a media and business intelligence resource that delves into the cutting-edge of drug discovery and development, healthcare and longevity, and biotech.

Our expertise lies in uncovering the potential of artificial intelligence (AI), digital tools, advanced biology techniques, and data generation strategies, and tracking the most disruptive startups, scaleups, and more established companies in this field.

From CRISPR and gene editing to nanotechnology and mRNA therapies, we explore advancements that promise to redefine medical treatments and patient care.

Our coverage extends to emerging fields such as bioprinting, synthetic biology, and quantum computing, highlighting their potential to revolutionize the biopharmaceutical industry.

Our goal is to provide researchers, industry professionals, and investors with clear insights into market trends and opportunities for partnership and growth.


BiopharmaTrend Journey at a Glance

The original idea of the project was born back in 2016 in the form of a market intelligence blog, run by Dr. Andrii Buvailo (your humble servant here) and Dr. Oleg Kucheriavyi — two Ukrainian scientists, entrepreneurs, and technology enthusiasts.

As the blog’s popularity and citations by leading organizations grew, in 2019 we incorporated BPT Analytics Ltd. in the United Kingdom, won a prestigious Catalyst Grant from Digital Science, and started serving clients in the two areas: content marketing and business intelligence services.

We also started building an interactive subscription-based tech scouting solution for biopharma market intelligence. One of our landmark reports is The State of AI in the Biopharma Industry.

Over the years, our website has grown into a reputable online resource with 2.8M+ Google impressions per year.

Our LinkedIn channels (here, here, and here) have a combined 35K+ followers and more than 1.5M post impressions per year.

Recently we have launched a Substack newsletter ‘Where Tech Meets Bio’ which is now read by 5K+ email subscribers from leading pharma and biotech companies, venture capital funds, investment banks, and government organizations.

We regularly partner with some of the leading conferences and symposia in pharma and biotech.

Currently, our Editorial Team is represented by PhD-level scientists, research analysts, and technology experts residing in Canada, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Taiwan, and Ukraine.


What We Write About

BiopharmaTrend website features content in several categories:

Biopharma Insights, the main category that features well-researched, often long-read, articles from our editorial team and guest authors.

Interviews with entrepreneurs, scientists and key opinion leaders, focusing on novel technologies, trends, and lessons about life science entrepreneurship. Our interviewees come from world’s leading organizations, including AbbVie, Medidata, IQVIA, COVAXX, British Patient Capital, Insilico Medicine, D-Wave Systems and many more.

News, where we report on some of the most impactful companies, collaborations, investment rounds, IPOs and M&As, and scientific discoveries.

Case Studies, a more technical content category, is usually sponsored by our partners. Case studies provide in-depth insights into cutting-edge technologies and how they operate in the context of life science and healthcare research.

Our Biotech Scout directory, manually curated by our analysts and automatically updated by our intelligence engine, features hundreds of cutting-edge companies and tech vendors.

You can sponsor a company profile in Biotech Scout (see example), which is a stellar media asset serving as a point of reference for prospective customers, partners, and journalists.


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