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BiopharmaTrend is a specialized digital hub for news, articles, business intelligence and market research in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Healthcare technology industries.

Since 2016, we have provided essential insights, opportunities and tools to advise Life Science decision makers, investors and consultants regarding most promising growth niches, investment targets, and technology scouting.

Having once started as a blog about artificial intelligence (AI) in drug discovery by two Chemistry PhDs out of Kyiv, Ukraine, BiopharmaTrend has grown into a reputable international digital hub with the headquarters in London Borough of Hounslow.


Focus Areas

We focus exclusively on the emerging markets and trends with high growth potential, including the following topics:

  • private and public biotech/healthcare companies in early development stage (privately-held startups and recent IPOs);
  • science and technology trends in Life Sciences and Healthcare tech, including notable research breakthroughs;
  • emerging business and R&D models (R&D outsourcing, e-commerce, lab digitalization etc)

We cover a wide range of technologies and areas of scientific research, including digital technologies and artificial intelligence in pharmaceutical research, novel therapeutic modalities (PROTACs, RNA-drugs and therapies, biologics), genetic engineering, stem cells and cell therapies, microbiome, medical nanotechnology and many others.

We also added health technologies to our portfolio of industry analytics projects, including digital health, and medical devices.


BPT Crunch (Marketplace)

BPT Crunch is a marketplace of healthcare innovations. This includes an exclusive directory of innovative companies in their active stage of development (from seed-funding stage startups to post-IPOs) when they are most innovative, creative and daring, hence, highly attractive to potential investors, business partners and media outlets looking for next generation products and services.

Company profiles feature general intro, their R&D platform, scientific references, products and services -- all searchable and filterable across a wide range of business and technology categories.

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* Our Marketplace is moderated to only include innovative companies with strong business models and sound R&D potential. All company submissions are subject to review, compliance to our standards, and editorial approval. Please, refer to the Guide For BPT Crunch listing to check if your company qualifies.


Media Portal

BiopharmaTrend is a leading niche resource providing timely insights, opinions, interviews, and news to help life science professionals unveil opportunities in the emerging pharmaceutical and healthcare markets.

You are a Life Sciences professional? Consider becoming a guest author at BioPharmaTrend. We provide support in editing/publishing/distribution of your materials. Selected posts are included in our monthly Newsletter.


Proprietary reports and insights

While we publish a great deal of open access content, we have a wide scope of proprietary in-depth reports, analytics, and articles -- available to our members.

By joining our membership program, our paying members not only support quality reporting about biotech trends and notable companies, but also benefit from unlimited access to exclusive articles, reports, as well as substantial discounts for commercial services.

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Sponsored Content and Ads

We have a wide range of sponsored content and advertising opportunities -- visit Advertise With Us folder for more information.


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