The Landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Pharmaceutical R&D

An interactive online report powered by our database and sophisticated data mining engine, which makes sure all the data is up-to-date and relevant.


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This Report Tracks Information About 347 AI-driven Companies in Drug Discovery and Development

Report Data:

  • Company general info
  • Investment history
  • Major Collaborations
  • Publications, patents, clinical trials
  • Press releases
BPT Report Data
Report Analytics Tools

Report Analytics Tools:

  • Fresh information updated daily by our analysts, and parsing engines
  • Searchable database, user-friendly filters
  • Interactive visualizations, graphs, charts, comparison tables, etc.
  • Personalized feed

Report Usability Tools:

  • Create projects, store lists of companies, charts, tables, etc
  • Track companies using Email Alert tool (coming soon)
  • Share projects with colleagues, collaborate on analytics (coming soon)
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