The State of AI in the Biopharma Industry

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150-slides Report (PDF) + Business Intelligence Platform (SaaS) + Market Research AI Chatbot + Access to Human Consultants

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What’s Inside?

State of AI: 150-page PDF Report

150-page PDF Report

  • Comprehensive overview of AI in Life Sciences
  • Key AI concepts, trends
  • 450+ companies, dozens of tech case studies
  • AI across the drug R&D landscape
  • AI across therapeutics modalities: from small molecules and proximity inducing modalities, to biologics and therapies
  • AI in synthetic biology and biomanufacturing
  • Mapping opportunities and risks
  • AI-centered business models, strategy insights
State of AI: Access to Business Intelligence Platform

Access to Business Intelligence Platform (SaaS):

  • Searchable database of 450+ AI companies
  • Domain-specific filters
  • Company profiles with overview information
  • Clinical trials, papers, patents
  • R&D partnerships, investments
  • AI-driven SWOT Analysis
  • AI-driven market research tool
  • Latest news and industry traction

Who Will Benefit?

Pharma & Biotech Organizations

Access data and analysis for strategic decision-making

Technology Scouts

Identify cutting edge innovations opportunities with relevant tech stacks

Life Sciences Investors

Make informed decisions using detailed market analyses

Life Sciences Consultants

Provide your clients with up-to-date, fact-based insights

DeepTech Keynote Speakers

Enhance your message with stellar case studies and tech insights

Corporate Centers of Excellence

Improve your staff’s understanding of AI-driven technologies and market trends

Science Educators, Communicators

Empower your content with cutting edge examples and R&D trends

Life Science Executives

Make strong points to backup innovative initiatives

This report and platform provide a factual, in-depth look into the practical applications of AI in the life sciences sector. It is an essential tool for professionals who need to stay informed about the latest developments in this dynamic field, identify opportunities, or make an informed point for decision makers.

“The State of AI in the Biopharmaceutical Industry” is structured to deliver unique industry insights in one of the most complex areas of pharmaceutical and biotech innovation: artificial intelligence in drug discovery, clinical research, biotech, and biomanufacturing

Unlike typical reports available on the market in abundance, we do not deliver "10-year growth forecasts" or "AI is going to revolutionize medicine" kinds of insights.

We focus on the present and short-term future, a critical and realistic overview of AI's advantages and limitations, major research and business opportunities and risks, and case studies supported by published and scientifically sound conclusions and statistical evaluations.

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