A Landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Drug Discovery and Development

An interactive online report powered by our database and sophisticated data mining engine, which makes sure all the data is up-to-date and relevant. With 1-year report subscription you also get support of our analysts -- up to 20 hrs.

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Small business (< 50 employees)

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This Report Tracks Information About 235 AI-driven Companies in Drug Discovery and Development

Report Data:

  • Company general info
  • Investment history
  • Major Collaborations
  • Publications, patents, clinical trials
  • Press releases
BPT Report Data
Report Analytics Tools

Report Analytics Tools:

  • Fresh information updated daily by our analysts, and parsing engines
  • Searchable database, user-friendly filters
  • Interactive visualizations, graphs, charts, comparison tables, etc.
  • Personalized feed

Report Usability Tools:

  • Create projects, store lists of companies, charts, tables, etc
  • Track companies using Email Alert tool (coming soon)
  • Share projects with colleagues, collaborate on analytics (coming soon)
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