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BenevolentAI combines advanced AI and machine learning with cutting edge science to decipher complex disease biology, generate novel insights and discover more effective medicines. Our unique computational R&D platform spans every step of the drug discovery process, powering an in-house pipeline of 25+ drug programmes from early discoverytowards clinical phases. With several successful collaborations with leading pharmaceutical organisations, we are also the only AI-drug discovery company with a clinically validated approach, having discovered a leading repurposed drug candidate for COVID-19. BenevolentAI is headquartered in London with a research facility in Cambridge (UK) and a further office in New York, with a team of over 300 world-leading scientists and technologists progressing its mission to reinvent drug discovery and advance life-changing drugs through to the clinic.

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BenevolentAI Pioneers AI-Driven Drug Discovery for ALS Treatment

Incorporating AI in drug discovery is rapidly becoming a common practice in the pharmaceutical industry. The recent undertakings of UK-based biotech company BenevolentAI, which is listed on Euronext Amsterdam (BAI), further validate this trend. The company utilises advanced AI technologies to streamline biopharmaceutical discovery, a fact well illustrated by the …

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How AI Helps Validate Life Science Hypotheses

In this interview, Dr. Jackie Hunter, CEO at BenevolentAI, provides insights into how the company’s AI-driven platform helps scientists create and validate complex research hypotheses faster and more efficiently.
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