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Valo Health

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United States of America based
$400 M

Valo is an early-stage technology company founded in 2019 that is using cloud computing as well as longitudinal and human data to create an entirely new drug discovery and development process. Through Valo’s Opal Computational PlatformTM, a cloud generation, fully-integrated, componentized, end-to-end drug development platform, drug development is positioned to be transformed into a far more efficient process with life-changing treatments created in potentially half the time at far less cost and with far fewer failures. The Opal Platform makes it possible for scientists to review human data to discover previously unsuspected associations between genetic markers and disease and design and discover proprietary new molecules.


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R&D Platform

Valo's Opal Computational PlatformTM is the first-of-its-kind, end-to-end drug development platform that fully integrates human-centric data and artificial intelligence/machine learning, to accelerate the drug discovery and development process. Using Opal, Valo scientists have been able to identify previously unsuspected associations between genetic markers and disease, which identify the specific changes in gene activity with an initial focus on oncology, neurodegenerative, and cardiovascular diseases.


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