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Relay Therapeutics

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United States of America based
$520 M

Relay Therapeutics is a new breed of company at the intersection of computation and biotechnology that is committed to creating medicines that will have a transformative impact on patients. Relay Therapeutics’ approach combines unprecedented computational power with leading-edge experimental approaches across the fields of structural biology, biophysics, chemistry and biology. This integration illuminates – for the first time – the full mobility of a protein and provides key insights into how the dynamic nature of a protein’s conformation regulates function. By applying these insights, Relay Therapeutics aims to modulate protein conformation to develop novel therapies for patients.


Quantum Theory in Drug Discovery  

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RLY-1971 SHP2
Clinical  |  Visit website


RLY-4008 FGFR2
Clinical  |  Visit website

RLY-4008 is a potent, selective and oral small molecule inhibitor of FGFR2 that entered a first-in-human clinical trial in September 2020. RLY-2608 is the first allosteric, pan-mutant (H1047X, E542X and E545X), and isoform-selective PI3Kα inhibitor and is on track to initiate a first-in-human clinical trial in the first half of 2022.

RLY-PI3K1047 PI3Kα
Preclinical  |  Visit website


Preclinical  |  Visit website

shared preclinical data for RLY-2608, the first known allosteric, pan-mutant and isoform-selective PI3Kα inhibitor. This program has the potential to address a significant unmet medical need in a large population and has validated our approach for developing mutant selective inhibitors of PI3Kα within the Relay Therapeutics Dynamo™ platform.




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