20 Life Science Marketplaces to Try in 2024

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(Last Update: December 24, 2023, by adding Cromatic.bio)

A life sciences marketplace is an online platform that operates with a "many-to-many" business logic, hosting multiple suppliers and buyers interacting via various e-commerce tools available as part of the website's functionality.

Why are marketplaces valuable? Buyers can quickly compare and select superior offerings without having to research multiple websites or browse online for price comparisons or product specifications. Furthermore, marketplaces bring increased transparency, trust, and standardization to the procurement process.

On the other hand, suppliers can access a more targeted audience directed to their product or service pages. In fact, a well-represented company profile with a detailed catalog can be a powerful lead magnet for potential customers.

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Both buyers and suppliers greatly benefit when a marketplace takes on operational activities, such as bidding, quoting, invoicing, consulting, and basic customer support.

Typically, marketplaces offer catalog search capabilities, options to request quotes and place orders online, as well as payment options to complete a purchase. Sometimes, marketplaces utilize various rating or verification algorithms to ensure website users—suppliers and buyers alike—are reliable business partners.

Some modern marketplaces also include more sophisticated components, like community-building capabilities, artificial intelligence-based recommendation systems, or advanced integration APIs to connect with other types of software, such as spend-management systems.

Life science marketplaces

The pharmaceutical and biotech B2B sector has been slow to adopt advanced e-commerce workflows compared to other consumer industries, struggling with an outdated supply chain.

However, e-commerce is currently a growing trend in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, with several notable marketplaces available across various product and service categories.

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It's crucial to understand that the inherently more complex nature of scientific products, compared to everyday items, necessitates more advanced tools and a more sophisticated user experience in life sciences marketplaces. Scientists require more information than what's readily available on product packaging; nomenclature often varies between manufacturers, making it difficult to compare products directly, and selecting the wrong product can lead to flawed data and poor or non-reproducible results.

Let's explore some of the life sciences marketplaces in pharma and biotech, and how they address the industry's unique challenges. These marketplaces have been illustratively categorized by specialization:

  1. Life sciences marketplaces for various research products (consumables, reagents, research materials)
  2. Life sciences roduct search & comparison engines
  3. Life sciences R&D outsourcing services
  4. Life sciences marketplaces for R&D crowdsourcing (open innovation challenges)
  5. Life sciences marketplaces for hiring talent
  6. Biospecimens procurement and health data
  7. Fine chemicals procurement (building blocks, screening compounds, intermediates)


Life Sciences Marketplaces for Various Research Products (consumables, reagents, research materials)



Established in 2015, Zageno is a cutting-edge life sciences marketplace that streamlines biotechnological online shopping and life science procurement, claiming to save scientists a full week of time each year. With a database comprising over 20 million product items from more than 3,500 suppliers, Zageno utilizes advanced technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) for product information aggregation, creating seamless workflows.

Drawing from millions of scientific publications, Zageno has developed a unique "Zageno Scientific Score" metric to compare research materials and select the best solution for a given study. The life sciences marketplace offers a wide variety of supplies, ranging from lab consumables and equipment to antibodies, cell cultures, molecules, and kits.

Zageno provides an enhanced shopping experience, complete with end-to-end customer care and responsibility for all necessary steps – from a user-friendly product approval mechanism for lab heads and administrators to invoicing, payment, and order delivery. For researchers seeking to optimize their spending on research materials, Zageno has created a spending analytics dashboard that promotes high levels of cost-efficiency.

The company has raised a total of $88M through a series of venture capital rounds. Over six years, Zageno has expanded its network globally, primarily focusing on the US, UK, and Germany.


California-based company Quartzy is not only a marketplace but also a lab inventory management system. Quartzy software allows customers to transfer previous inventory data directly to the system, keep track of all research materials with a broad range of characteristics, submit requests to lab managers for ordering, compare products from different vendors and monitor delivery. Vendors that collaborate with Quartzy include MilliporeSigma, New England BioLabs, Qiagen, Bio-techne etc. For spending analysis and control, Quartzy offers integration with accounting software. 

Buyers do not have to pay for the service, yet sellers pay for a place on the marketplace. The company’s clients include world top research institutes like Stanford, Oxford, Duke, Harvard Medical School, and industrial leaders like Kite Pharma, Abbvie and Beyond Meat. Quartzy’s financial support from investors equals $27.2 million and was received in 5 funding rounds. 

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Topics: Emerging Technologies   

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  • Lynda Thomas 2018-04-05 16:37

    Interested in your response to this blog. Would love to talk.

    • Bhejash Joshi 2020-07-04 13:41

      We run a portal of the largest US based Life Science Suppliers (business and operation related). I was wondering if our mention on this list, or on BiopharmaTrend would add value to your user base. We have also on boarded nearly 10000 life science professionals who visit our portal and consume our content and search for suppliers. Do that add value to you?


      • BiopharmaTrend 2020-07-09 18:14

        Bhejash, thank you for suggesting your Life Science marketplace

  • Lab Spend 2018-08-30 20:36

    Lab Spend is also a marketplace leader providing both chemicals and supplies to scientific research labs.

    • BiopharmaTrend 2018-09-04 12:20

      Thank you for the update. It seems lika a valuable life science marketplace indeed.

    • BiopharmaTrend 2019-08-06 09:34

      Update: Lab Spend website contains a lot of errors, the frontend behaves inadequately. At the moment, we will not be able to add it to our review.

  • Juan 2018-09-01 05:04

    Hello. OneLab.com.ar the first marketplace in SouthAmerica. Great service.

    • BiopharmaTrend 2018-09-04 12:21

      Juan, thank you for the suggestion, OneLab is a great example of a life science marketplace focused on a particular geographic region.

      • Juan Delorenzi 2020-05-11 11:54

        Please visit onelab.com.ar (Argentina) and onelab.com.co (Colombia)

    • BiopharmaTrend 2019-08-06 09:33

      Update, OneLab.com is not operating anymore, the domain is for sale.

  • James Campbell 2019-03-26 01:44

    This is very interesting things to know about online marketplaces facilitating research. Thank you very much for sharing!

  • ebiohippo 2019-05-07 00:31

    ebiohippo.com is also an online marketplace for biotech products. They provide antibodies, proteins, DNA and RNA extraction products, PCR products, detection products, & ELISA Kits.

    • BiopharmaTrend 2019-05-12 10:56

      Thank you for your suggestion!

  • Wendy 2019-10-25 07:54

    Hello! The website www.linscottsdirectory.com and www.biosave.com are also very popular marketplaces for bio reagents.

    • BiopharmaTrend 2019-11-06 17:31

      Wendy, thank you for suggesting those two websites, will review them soon.

  • Stephane L 2020-02-20 14:09


    there is also the R&D outsourcing marketplace Labtoo based in France and operating in Europe: www.labtoo.com

  • Mike O'Gorman 2020-05-18 16:36

    Life Science Marketplace is a complete RFI and RFP online technology that helps gain better visibility into vendor information and enables apples to apples line item cost comparisons - as well as much more. www.lsmarket.com

  • Susan Reeves 2020-09-24 13:32

    VISTAAR, a clinical, regulatory & product Intelligence software helps to informed decisions through out the drug development to post-commercialization. VISTAAR is a GO-TO Place for Pharma, Biotech and Medical Device companies for intelligence & insights. VISTAAR is most up-to-date compared to any other Intelligence or database because we use smart artificial intelligence methods all through out. With a unique combination of technology and smart people, you will get your strategy and trusted insights much faster. Over many years, VISTAAR has built deep data sets to help you on your Regulatory and Clinical projects. All this done at the best price point in the industry. Know more to visit our website https://www.vistaar.ai/

  • Fiorella Merkle 2020-11-18 08:50

    Dear Andrii,

    we are Qualifyze, a Frankfurt based pharma startup with the vision to make global supply chains safe and sustainable. We have build a digital platform to achieve continuous supplier qualification through optimized auditing processes and data sharing. We are already working with more than 200 customers (including companies like Helm, Siegfried, Bolder, Dr. Pfleger) and are expanding to further cities in Europe as a first step now. We are backed by well-known investors as well as an amazing advisory board. Feel free to reach out for more information or have a look at our website: www.qualifyze.com

  • Brenda Wood 2021-03-16 14:39

    Prendio has been growing in popularity and has been a great partner!


    • BiopharmaTrend 2021-04-24 22:29

      Thank you for pointing to an interesting resource, Brenda

  • Sean 2021-07-29 07:47


    I thank you for this nice article but I didn't see the first marketplace in France LINKILAB -->> https://linkilab.fr

    Every scientific in France knows LINKILAB :)

    • BiopharmaTrend 2021-07-29 12:15

      Thank you, Sean, great stuff. Will review the resource in our upcoming article update. Please, consider sponsoring the update as well -- we are putting a lot of work into creating this content. Thank you!

  • David 2021-08-12 13:31

    Thanks for the article. You might also check out https://thepartnerpipeline.com/ for a different take on connecting people with service providers that are fit-for-purpose for getting things done.

  • Débora Moretti 2022-01-08 19:25

    Dear Biopharmatrend

    very nice article, some of the companies I didn't know. We are the iBench Market, a marketplace for laboratory products. We have currently 35 suppliers and around 120.000 products registered. Sorry that I don't have an english version to show your, but we were last year selected by the Black Founders Fund from the Google for Startups team. Here the marketplace: www.ibenchmarket.com.br, our landing page: www.ibench.com.br and the news from google: https://playcrazygame.com/2021/09/10/google-reveals-names-of-12-startups-that-will-receive-investments-from-the-black-founders-fund-epoca-negocios/

    • BiopharmaTrend 2022-03-17 18:32

      Thank you very much, Débora Moretti, this is a valuable suggestion and we will review this platform and consider it for the upcoming update.

  • Eric 2022-10-14 11:50


    Ambinter is also one of the longest established and most experienced chemicals markerplace (since 1987) offering a catalog of near 40 000 000 coumpounds with a highly reliable sourcing service.


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