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Bioz is the world's first and most advanced AI search engine for life science experimentation, empowering scientists in biopharma and academia to accelerate their research towards new discoveries. Bioz guides scientists to the most-validated and cost-effective products (antibodies, kits, chemicals, instruments, tools) to use in their experiments, by providing them with evidence-based product recommendations and ratings.

Bioz recommendations and ratings have been reverse-engineered from real-world scientific experiments, as described in over 500 million pages of scientific text from peer-reviewed articles. The result: Bioz.com, the world's most comprehensive source of life science product recommendations and experimentation guidance, covering over 300 million products, 50,000 suppliers, 12 million images, and over 5 billion protocol conditions and associated techniques, enabling researchers to work faster and more cost-effectively, generating more successful and impactful outcomes.

What used to take scientists months, now takes them minutes with Bioz. By accelerating the pace of experiments, Bioz is accelerating the pace of drug discovery by as much as 25%, which translates into billions of research dollars saved. With objectivity, transparency, and trustworthiness, Bioz empowers researchers in the top 25 biopharma companies, and in more than 12,000 academic institutions in 196 countries.

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