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Analyzing patient data of today to find treatments of tomorrow.

OWKIN is a predictive analytics company that utilizes transfer learning to accelerate drug discovery and development, with offices in Paris and New York City.

Our data scientists and machine learning engineers are among the best in the world, with publications in ICML, NIPS and other top scientific journals, and the team includes several Kaggle Masters (top 100 worldwide) and a DREAM Challenge top performer.

Our proprietary platform, OWKIN Socrates, uses machine learning-based modeling to analyze molecular, imaging libraries and patient datasets to uncover complex biomarker patterns that cause disease. We partner with leading pharmaceutical companies including Amgen and Actelion and we have programs in development with Institut Curie, Centre Leon Berard and Saint Louis Hospital.

We aim to improve drug discovery and development using collective intelligence built on real-world patient data.

We transform hospitals full of unstructured datasets into thousands of accurate diagnostic and predictive models, augmenting and accelerating physicians’ capabilities. This real-world collective intelligence and access to data is transferable to the pharmaceutical industry and can empower predictive analytics, biomarker discovery and post-market analysis.

Private company
United States of America based
$74.100 M
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