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BiopharmaTrend is a well-established life science media and industry analytics portal focused on covering companies, news, and trends on the intersection of technology and biology. Progress in artificial intelligence, big data analytics, quantum computing, nanotechnology, gene editing, 3D bioprinting, synthetic biology, and many other areas of technology is reshaping the way the pharmaceutical industry is operating. Novel R&D and business models emerge, platform-based companies increasingly outcompete “traditional” biotechs; technologies help move drug discovery away from being “serendipitous” craftsmanship towards becoming an industrialized process with substantially improved success rate.

In order to position your brand in the increasingly competitive and scientifically complex market, we offer a comprehensive suite of options for not only reaching targeted audiences, including pharmaceutical researchers, business leaders, investors and analytics agencies, but also communicating scientifically complex topics in a way understandable for a broad audience of decision-makers

Sponsoring Article (Written by Us)

  • Improved brand recognition
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  • A rich story about product or service
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  • Multi-channel promotion

Sponsoring Guest Article (Written by You)

  • Improved brand recognition
  • Thought-leadership
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  • Personal brand development

Sponsoring Case Study (Written by You)

Ability to showcase the latest product feature, scientific breakthrough, or novel technology application method to a relevant and highly targeted audience. See example.

Sponsoring Weekly Newsletter (5000+ subscribers)

Communicate your message to a focused audience, including research and business decision makers in technological, biotech, and pharmaceutical sectors.

Sponsoring Email “eBlast” (5000+ subscribers)

Take full control of our email with your valuable message/offer (eBlasts are sent out not more than once per month, make planning early!)

Sponsoring Company Profile

Create a full-fledged company profile with only essential data about your brand, including featured articles, interviews with a founder, and case studies. Excellent option for biotech and technology startups. A company profile can serve as a media kit and a marketing asset for future PR activity, investor relations and lead generation. See example.

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