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Antibody Discovery Companies

AbSci is a global leader in cutting-edge protein production technologies committed to reducing costs in the biopharmaceutical industry. AbSci’s technology enables dramatic reductions in the cost of producing novel and existing biologics, acceleration of drug discovery timelines, and increased efficiency and flexibility throughout the manufacturing process.

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AbSci and Other AI-Powered Biotechs Lead the Way in Antibody Discovery

The monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) market has seen impressive growth in recent years, with the top-selling drugs increasingly being mAbs. The success of these therapeutics has driven the pharma industry to seek innovative methods for refining and improving their antibody pipelines. Artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning, which have already revolutionized …

A Parade of AI-driven Biotechs Going Public in 2020-2021

Over 2020-2021 we have seen a remarkable parade of artificial intelligence (AI), focused on discovering novel therapeutics, going public. This reflects a continuing interest in AI as a transformative technology for the pharmaceutical industry and increasing belief in the wave of technology-driven “neo-biotechs”. Here we list some notable companies which …