Absci Initiates IND-Enabling Studies for ABS-101, Aiming for Enhanced Anti-TL1A Antibody Therapy

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Absci has embarked on IND-enabling studies for ABS-101, an anti-TL1A antibody, leveraging its generative AI technology to streamline the development of biologic drugs. This initiative represents a key milestone in the company's pursuit to harness artificial intelligence for more efficient and targeted drug discovery processes.

ABS-101 is developed through Absci's de novo generative AI foundation model, which allows for precise targeting and engineering of antibodies against specific epitopes.

This methodology has yielded three advanced leads that exhibit promising characteristics such as high affinity and potency, favorable developability, and an extended half-life, according to preclinical data released in January. The design of ABS-101 focuses on achieving superior potency while minimizing immunogenicity, aiming to offer patients a treatment option that requires less frequent dosing due to its high bioavailability.

The advancement to IND-enabling studies underscores Absci's ability to significantly accelerate the drug development timeline. Sean McClain, Absci's Founder and CEO, expressed that the move towards submitting an Investigational New Drug (IND) application by the first quarter of 2025 and the subsequent initiation of Phase 1 trials shortly thereafter exemplifies the company's commitment to bringing innovative medicines to patients more quickly.

Positioned at the forefront of Absci's AI Drug Creation asset pipeline, ABS-101 focuses on cytokine biology, indicating the company's strategic emphasis on developing therapies that could potentially transform patient care. The initiation of these studies is a critical step in progressing ABS-101 towards clinical trials.

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Absci, headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, with facilities in New York City and Zug, Switzerland, integrates AI and scalable wet lab technologies within its Integrated Drug Creation™ platform. This approach enables the screening of billions of cells weekly, facilitating the rapid progression from AI-designed antibodies to validated drug candidates in as little as six weeks.

Topics: Novel Therapeutics   

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