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ChemAlive SA

Software driven by machine learning that allows the chemical industry to model chemistry, improve yield and generate new chemical leads.

The ChemAlive platform is designed for cheaper and faster access to computed chemical data with no expertise, hardware or software barrier through a SaaS model executable by any chemist on-line. Our system brings machine learning and big data to the chemical and Pharma industry who have a need for accurate reaction metrics to design, predict and understand chemical processes. The efficiency and reliability of our approach opens up new markets where interactive accurate data can be used as a sales, marketing and R&D tool.

We target industrial chemistry companies and Pharma who have a need for accurate reaction metrics to design, predict and understand chemical processes. We already work with multi-national petro-chemicals and two CROs in Pharma for development of production scale reactions. Over 20 companies are testing our software.

chemical analysis molecular design quantum chemistry

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