258 Companies Applying Artificial Intelligence In Drug Discovery and Development

tree of AI in drug discovery and development

In this post I tried to summarize pretty much all small-scale companies (mostly startups), who offer artificial intelligence (AI)-driven computational tools and services for the key stages of a drug discovery pipeline.

Excitement about artificial intelligence has been growing in the pharmaceutical industry over the last decade or so -- thanks to rapid progress in the following areas: computer hardware (better and cheaper processors); cloud infrastructures and distributed computing; natural language processing (NLP), and most vividly -- deep learning (DL) algorithms and neural net architectures. This allowed AI to emerge from mostly theoretical discipline of the last century to workable and widely commercialized toolset, nowadays. 

Needless to say progress in AI goes shoulder to shoulder with advancements in automation -- novel robotized mechanisms, sensor systems, and new creative ways to connect processes, and integrate different data types (e.g. “omics” with EMRs/EHRs).  

Altogether, the above advances in AI and automation represent a new world of opportunities for the pharmaceutical and biotech companies, who express a growing interest to adopt AI solutions for boosting their R&D, and operational functions.

Therefore, this post is meant to be a quick “go-to” reference for choosing the right AI-vendor for a wide range of pharmaceutical research tasks. Note the following before you proceed: 

  1. the companies are grouped according to a typical use-case, and each company profile features condensed information about the organization and what it does (click on it to view). 

  2. any one company may be featured in multiple chapters, since many AI-vendors are building integrated solutions for overlapping use-cases. 

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Getting research materials, consumables, and R&D services


Chemical Synthesis


Data mining / Ontology building


Biology research (Target identification/validation)


Lead Discovery


Preclinical Development


Biomarker Discovery


Clinical Development




Drug Repurposing


Virtual Lab Assistants


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