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AI Companies (Drug Discovery)

3BIGS provides customized analysis consulting services in Korea and India, supported by more than 20 doctoral experts in each field including bioinformatics specialists, genome specialists, network analysts, database builders, platform developers, visualization specialists, and AI algorithm specialists. We concentrate on our own customized services which are optimized for customer’s requirements such as building customized databases and browser systems as well as various omics based NGS data analysis.

Specialties: Database Integration, Data Curation, Platform Development, Microarray Data Analysis, microRNA Analysis, NGS Analysis & Interpretation, Genome Assembly and Annotation, Data Curation, Metagenome Analysis, Microbiome Analysis, Drug Repositioning, AI/ML Based Drug Discovery, Proteomic Data Analysis, AMP & ACP Discovery, Platform Development, Scientific Big data analytics, Customized Visualizations & Analysis services

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