Seed Health Unveils CODA: Pioneering Computational Biology Platform for Microbiome Research

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Seed Health has announced the launch of CODA, a cutting-edge computational biology platform that utilizes the extensive data from the Human Phenotype Project. This project, led by Professor Eran Segal from the Weizmann Institute of Science, boasts the world’s most comprehensive multi-omics data set. CODA is designed to harness this data to forge new paths in the development of precision probiotics and microbiome-directed interventions, with initial focus areas including cardiometabolic health, brain health, menopause, and longevity.

CODA combines over three million phenotypic data points from more than 13,000 individuals, spanning 40,000 cumulative subject years. This extensive dataset integrates microbiome, genetic, immune, metabolomic, and proteomic analyses, providing a multidimensional view of the factors influencing human health. This integration allows for a deep understanding of the interactions between the microbiome and host health, enabling the development of targeted, outcome-specific interventions.

The CODA Platform

Raja Dhir, co-founder of Seed Health, emphasized the platform's capability to track and analyze health data over extensive periods. This long-term data collection enhances the ability to identify and utilize crucial health connections for the development of precise health interventions. CODA not only advances Seed Health’s microbiome research capabilities but also reinforces the company’s mission to transition scientific discoveries into real-world applications.

The platform also explores the microbiome’s interactions with critical biological systems through its vast dataset, enabling the development of organ-specific biological clocks. These clocks provide insights into the varying aging rates of different organs within the same individual, illustrating the distinction between biological and chronological age. This groundbreaking work underscores the microbiome's potential as a pivotal factor in health interventions.

Further, CODA's research has already led to notable findings, including the influence of microbial genes on body weight and composition, and the interaction between diet and the microbiome in modifying metabolic parameters. These discoveries are set to translate into new consumer health products, enhancing Seed Health’s impact on global health.

With the launch of CODA, Seed Health aims to deepen and expand its understanding of the microbiome’s role in health, driving forward the development of interventions that significantly impact human health. This initiative marks a significant step in realizing the full potential of microbiome science, from infancy to aging, across a broad spectrum of health conditions.

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