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AI Companies (Drug Discovery)

Syntekabio is a leading AI-driven drug discovery company that uses machine learning and supercomputing to discover new drugs.

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How to Discover a Preclinical Drug Candidate in Two Years

Recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) has played a pivotal role in optimizing the small-molecule synthesis, standardization, scalability and CRO-based validation. Despite a dose of skepticism about the growing hype around AI, introducing greater automation to a drug design hypothesis has enabled more effectual searches for various compound characteristics concerning …

How Syntekabio’s Supercomputing Enables AI-driven Drug Discovery

What is "supercomputing"? It refers to processing a massive quantity of complex data-intensive and computation-heavy problems often found in scientific or engineering projects. Using a powerful class of ‘multiple’ computer systems working in parallel, supercomputing is built into an infrastructure that is supporting a vast array of disciplines. From quantum …

The Power of STB CLOUD in Remote AI Drug Discovery

STB CLOUD is Syntekabio’s latest cloud-based, fully automated AI platform. It’s designed for developers to engage in their drug discovery and development processes to find drug candidates easier and faster.