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Private Company


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Pharmacelera is a young yet ambitious company that develops and sells disruptive hardware / software solutions for Computer-Aided Drug Design (CADD). The technology of the company combines High Performance Computing (HPC) and hardware acceleration know-how from the experience of its founders at Intel and computational chemistry expertise from the Computational Biology and Drug Design (CBDD) research group at the University of Barcelona. Pharmacelera's solutions find candidate molecules that have higher chances to become a drug faster than the tools from the competition. The mission of the company is to improve the accuracy and scientific rigor of Computer-Aided Drug Design in order to help the pharmaceutical industry improve its R+D productivity.

Year Founded
Spain based
$0.327 M
Business model
  • Software as a Service / AI as Service (SaaS, AIaaS)
Product type
  • Small molecules
Research focus
  • Lead Discovery

Investing history

2014Seed round0.327