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Evaxion Biotech

Denmark based


Using cutting-edge immunology, bioinformatics, and machine learning methods, Evaxion Biotech is discovering and developing 'best in class’ vaccines for infectious diseases and cancer at an unprecedented rate. We have constructed a robust product engine for the development of novel vaccines and therapies based on our two platforms, PIONEER and EDEN. Using state of the art in silico tools, the platforms integrate big data, artificial intelligence and supercomputing to predict, rank and optimize epitopes and antigens that elicit a highly protective immune response against cancers and infectious diseases. EDEN enables rapid and accurate discovery of novel antigens that elicit a highly cross-protective immune response in any bacterial pathogen while PIONEER has been constructed to identify the epitopes of mutated proteins that will fire up the body’s natural immune responses to them.

Business model
  • Software as a Service / AI as Service (SaaS, AIaaS)
Therapeutic focus
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Oncology
  • Vaccine Development
Data type used for modelling
  • HTS and HCS data
Drug Discovery Strategy
  • Network Analysis, Omics Approach
Product type
  • Biologics
  • Therapies
Research focus
  • Biology research (Target identification/validation)
  • Lead Discovery
  • Preclinical Development

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