Evaxion Biotech Uses AI To Develop Anticancer And Antimicrobial Vaccines

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This is an interview with Niels Iversen Møller, a CEO, and Co-founder of Evaxion Biotech -- an immuno-informatics biotech from Denmark.

Evaxion Biotech uses its machine learning-based platform to compare DNAs of tumor cells and DNAs healthy cells and identify mutations that are critical for the disease. This data is further used to design anticancer vaccines.

In a similar way, the company uses the data from bacterial DNAs to find “Achilles heels” of microbes and employ this data for the antimicrobial vaccines.

The cornerstone of all the Evaxion Biotech is doing is a personalized approach to developing vaccines against cancer and bacteria, using genetic information of a patient and how their particular immune system responds to a threat.

The company is ambitious about solving antibiotics resistance problem by creating powerful vaccines. Vaccination is a way to decrease the pressure on bacterial to develop antibiotics resistance, as it appears to be a proactive measure, rather than reactive.

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