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BigHat Biosciences

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United States of America based
$24.300 M

BigHat’s mission is to improve human health by making it far easier to design advanced, next-generation antibody therapeutics. Our AI-enabled experimental platform integrates a high-speed characterization or “wet” lab with machine learning technologies to speed the antibody engineering process. When applied, these design capabilities have the potential to drive the development of new generations of safer and more effective treatments for patients suffering from today’s most challenging diseases.

antibody design

R&D Platform

BigHat Biosciences' AI-first antibody design platform integrates a high-speed wet lab with machine learning.

Our proprietary wet lab goes from in silico designs to expressed, purified, and characterized antibodies in days.

We integrate artificial intelligence / machine learning (AI/ML) technologies create better molecules by guiding and learning from each cycle of the experimental platform.


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