Biostate AI Launches RNA Sequencing and Data Analysis Services

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Biostate AI, a startup focused on scalable biodata solutions, has launched two new service products aimed at advancing multiomic data collection and AI training. The company introduced its Total RNA sequencing and OmicsWeb Copilot, designed to facilitate more comprehensive and efficient analysis of RNA data.

Total RNA Sequencing with BIRT Technology

Biostate AI's Total RNA sequencing employs its patent-pending Barcode-Integrated Reverse Transcription (BIRT) technology. This technology provides a cost-effective and scalable approach to analyzing all types of RNA, surpassing the capabilities of traditional RNA sequencing (RNAseq), which typically only targets messenger RNA. BIRT technology enables the analysis of various non-coding RNAs, including long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs), micro RNAs (miRNAs), circular RNAs (circRNAs), and enhancer RNAs (eRNAs).

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Strategic Partnerships and Intellectual Property

The startup has secured nine pending patents for its technologies and has established partnerships with industry leaders, including Twist Bioscience. Additionally, Biostate AI has in-licensed intellectual property from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) to enhance its biomolecule analysis capabilities. These advancements are expected to reduce the need for animal testing in preclinical studies conducted by pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Venture Funding and Support

Biostate AI has raised over $4 million in venture funding, led by Matter Venture Partners. Other investors include Vision Plus Capital, Catapult VC, and the Caltech Seed Fund. Prominent individual investors such as Dario Amodei (CEO of Anthropic), Joris Poort (CEO of Rescale), Michael Schnall-Levin (CTO of 10X Genomics), and Emily Leproust (CEO of Twist Bioscience) also participated in the funding round. Haomiao Huang, Founding Partner at Matter Venture Partners, emphasized the importance of Biostate's technology in reducing the cost of RNAseq data collection, particularly in light of decreasing preclinical research services due to geopolitical tensions.

OmicsWeb Copilot for RNAseq Data Analysis

Biostate AI also launched OmicsWeb Copilot, a conversational AI designed to assist biologists with data analysis and visualization. This tool uses large-language models to interpret user requests and generate customized software and scripts for data analysis. OmicsWeb Copilot provides access to over 1000 RNAseq datasets collected by Biostate AI and is being fine-tuned on 5000 proprietary datasets. The platform is offered at no cost to academic and nonprofit researchers.

Future Goals and AI Development

Biostate AI aims to develop AI that can predict health changes in humans and animals, including drug toxicity and efficacy responses. A recent demonstration showed that RNA expression in blood samples from rats could predict survival rates, indicating the potential of this approach. To achieve broader applications, Biostate AI plans to collect, analyze, and tokenize extensive amounts of RNAseq and other omics data.

Image credit: Biostate AI

Founded in 2023, Biostate AI operates from offices in Palo Alto, CA, and Houston, TX. The company collaborates with academic, nonprofit, and industry partners on technology development and multiomic biodata collection, with the goal of advancing generative AI for health applications.

Topics: Biotech Companies   

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