Cytomos Launches Benchtop Cell Analyzer

by Roman Kasianov       News

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Cytomos has introduced Celledonia, a benchtop cell analyzer that promises to transform bioprocessing by delivering near real-time, cell-specific insights. Utilizing Cytomos’ patented AuraCyt platform, Celledonia aims to expedite development and manufacturing processes across various biotechnological applications.

Celledonia is designed to provide rapid and unbiased cell analysis, potentially reducing the time and costs associated with development and technology transfer. The analyzer offers benefits for various modalities, including monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), T cell immunotherapies, and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). Key functionalities include predicting cell health, determining the optimal harvesting time, selecting stable high-producing clones, and informing pluripotent expansion strategies.

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The AuraCyt platform integrates a proprietary semiconductor chip with narrow-channel fluidics, which focus cells close to the chip's surface. As cells pass through an electric field, sensors analyze multiple cell features simultaneously, generating unique cellular "fingerprints." This label-free technology provides consistent, accurate, and reliable cell analytics in near real-time.

Cytomos’ flagship instrument Celledonia™

Celledonia is designed to be user-friendly, and for use across research and development laboratories and manufacturing sites. The instrument's straightforward operation allows users to load cells directly from culture, generating data that the software processes into actionable insights within minutes.

Dr. Fernanda Masri, Chief Commercial and Innovation Officer at Cytomos, noted that the technology eliminates the need for markers or cell preparation:

"There is no need for markers or cell preparation, yet a multitude of single-cell attributes can be detected without operator bias. Simply load your cells directly from culture onto the Celledonia instrument and run your samples to generate data that the software turns into useful insights in mere minutes, rather than taking hours, or up to days to get results."

David Rigterink, CEO of Cytomos, highlighted the platform's potential to improve the pace and accuracy of cell analysis:

"Celledonia finally enables more timely, game-changing decisions via its patented real-time AuraCyt platform by agnostically translating complex cell data into actionable insights. That offers the potential to greatly accelerate and improve Cell Line Development, CAR-T manufacturing efficacy and iPSC productivity. By harnessing the power of dielectric spectroscopy and microelectronics, we can improve the pace and accuracy of single cell analysis. The technology fits into an evolving landscape of next-generation therapies that are driving the need for radical advances in cell analytics."

Cytomos aims for Celledonia to become an essential tool in the bioprocessing and CGT sectors, providing scalable and predictive analytics for consistent decision-making.

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