Top Healthcare Mobile Apps You Should Know In 2020

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Over the past few years, we have witnessed the evolution of the healthcare industry. The credit here goes to emerging technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence to name a few.

Just like various industry verticals, mobile applications have played a crucial role in the digitalization of the healthcare sector. Organizations are now readily adopting mHealth by hiring top healthcare app development companies to build excellent healthcare applications for their target user base.

In this article, we will be listing down the best healthcare mobile apps that you should be aware of. The primary motive of healthcare mobile apps is to provide smooth and clear clinical communication between patients and healthcare service providers.


Best Healthcare Apps To Watch Out In 2020


1. is an amazing healthcare application that offers a wide range of tools that allow healthcare service providers to view the complete picture of a patient’s requirements and manage them accordingly with different partners across the healthcare sector.

Some of the key features of app:

  • Personalized healthcare plans
  • Storage for medical files and records
  • Health tasks and custom reminders
  • Care Team Contact Information
  • Secure messages with your healthcare team


2. AirStrip

The AirStrip application's mission is to improve overall healthcare delivery with mobile solutions that link clinicians with their patients across different factors like geographic, technology and workflow boundaries. The app provides its users with engagement and insight capabilities along with patient-centered care.

Some of the key features of the AirStrip app:

  • Opt for data in motion i.e. it delivers dynamic rather than static information
  • Offers customized user experience as per clinician’s specialty, usage patterns, and workflows
  • Brings all relevant data to the clinician’s in one location to provide a brief overview of the patient's health
  • It can be used as a diagnostic aid to provide accurate clinical information


3. ClotMD

The ClotMD healthcare app lets its patients and healthcare service providers to smoothly manage the therapeutic use of warfarin, a Vitamin K antagonist on a smartphone. The app connects patients on anticoagulation medicine with their healthcare providers and allows them to communicate in real-time.

Some of the key features of the ClotMD app:

  • Consisting of a built-in diet library
  • Able to manage different levels and dosing schedules
  • Users can easily track their results and share their history with other healthcare professionals
  • Offers real-time alerts regarding the testing schedule and other appointments


4. Doximity

By using this healthcare application, users get access to the largest medical professional network which consists of over 70 percent of physicians as members. Some of the advantages of using Doximity

Some of the key features of the Doximity app:

  • Access to the largest search directory of U.S. clinicians
  • Users can securely send their HIPAA faxes from anywhere
  • Directly annotate your healthcare documents
  • Consists of a social newsfeed for medicine


5. Medici

The Medici Healthcare Mobile App provides its patients with the option to connect with medical professionals and doctors on the Medici network for a set period of time. The main aim here is to eliminate the additional cost of going into a hospital by providing online consultancy to the users.

Some of the key features of the Medici app:

  • Get instant lab results and medical prescriptions
  • Users can ask questions and get health advice from professionals
  • The option to invite all of your doctors to one network
  • Users can securely collaborate with their doctors using the Group Chat option


So these were some of the healthcare applications for both Android and iOS devices that are maintaining a strong position in the market. Another thing that makes these apps reliable is the fact that they are regularly updated and new features/functionalities are being added by their developers.

Emerging technologies like Artifical Intelligence is the latest trend that healthcare service providers are incorporating for various operations like drug discovery, enhancing healthcare database and much more.


Topics: Emerging Technologies   

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