Take the Next Step in the Path Towards Success in Drug Development

PharmGPS assesses the current relative performance of drugs in development and predicts the immediate future performance of these drugs with the power to transform healthcare.

The new healthcare economy requires a drugs that will transform the standard of care in the particular therapeutic area. PharmGPS provides predictive analytics that identify promising drugs with the highest Probability of Success and predict its future trajectory.

PharmGPS® helps rapidly fuse disparate data sources, from multiple data banks, evaluating and assessing the myriad of parameters that affect a drug’s performance including safety, efficacy, compliance, market access and competition. Thus the current and future performance of a drug is not just elucidated from a single point of view but rather in the context of not only your organization’s portfolio, but also the entire global portfolio.

Technical insights

Determine status and progress of pertinent clinical trials
Map relevant disease pathways

Compare investigational and marketed drugs related to defined targets

Stay updated on market dynamics & differentiate your product in the market Dashboard view on the clinical phase progression
Forecast future and current market products
Identify potential business partners
Discover new markets for your assets

First mover advantage (search & evaluation to identify market winners)
Understand gaps in the current treatment paradigm
Identify your competitors | Increase R&D outcomes
Asset and portfolio differentiation/business case for evaluating assets
Predict future trends

Decision making at your fingertips
War gaming scenarios
Early identification of value and blind spots
Predicting market winners in early stages giving 10-18 months’ time advantage
Due diligence support through competitive landscape
NPV of major late stage pipeline assets

Comprehensive strategic intent maps enable streamline of internal analysis and external innovation.
Identify of short-term and long-term opportunities with potential market entry scenarios.
Monitor real-time drug development information
Therapeutic Area Landscape – encompassing 100+ diseases and 7000+ orphan diseases
Customized Clinical Assets Benchmarking

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