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kPlexus™ is the world’s first self-service platform for management of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in the Life Sciences. It leverages the iPlexus™ platform for processing millions of global profiles from public and proprietary data using proprietary algorithms.

Traditional methods of searching for and identifying KOLs like literature search and surveys can be time consuming. KOL engagement and management is largely done manually on spreadsheets and is not always a coordinated activity.

kPlexus™ is an essential component for marketers and medical staff throughout the life-cycle of a specific drug or product. kPlexus™ is effective at all stages of the drug development lifecycle. Our approach involves Entity Normalization which results in uniform KOL names. This helps avoid redundancies and inconsistencies in KOL names. Our proprietary algorithm scores each KOL based on expertise and alignment of interest and capabilities. This allows users to identify KOLs who are influential and impactful within their areas of expertise.

While most KOL identification and management products focus on one stage only, our holistic approach covers all stages at once allowing our customers to pinpoint the right KOL for the right stage.

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