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AI Companies (Drug Discovery)

Innophore uses a new and unique way to identify enzymes for existing or up-coming industrial biocatalytic processes. The CatalophoreTM platform enables companies to make ground breaking discoveries with an exclusive database of 3D enzyme cavities.
The CatalophoreTM platform is a digital search engine provided to industrial partners in the areas Pharmaceuticals, Fine and bulk chemicals, Biotherapeutics, Food & Beverage, Cosmetic, Industry or Molecular Diagnostics. Companies benefit from the application within finding altered protein properties such as thermo- and solvent stability, substrate spectrum, selectivity and specificity. Based on spacial features of active sites of enzymes, new in-silico methods are used to identify enzyme candidates using the CatalophoreTM platform, a combination of a comprehensive ready-to-use structural database of biomolecules and unique search algorithms and tailored patterns.

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