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Private company

We use machine learning algorithms and computational biology to identify novel drug applications for rare diseases. We work with patient groups and charities to help identify drug repurposing opportunities and help translate basic research into tangible potential treatments.

Private company
United Kingdom based
$67.900 M
Research papers
Business model
  • Software as a Service / AI as Service (SaaS, AIaaS)
Therapeutic focus
  • Rare Diseases
Product type
  • Small molecules
  • Therapies
Research focus
  • Biology research (Target identification/validation)
  • Drug Repurposing

Investing history

2019Series B56.0
2018Series A10.0
2016Seed round1.9

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Clinical Trials

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  • WO2017093764 (from 2017-06-08), Biomarker signatures predictive of drug response
  • WO2017055834 (from 2017-04-06), Tricyclic dibenzothiazepine type compounds for use in the therapy of cdkl5 disorder
  • WO9402420 (from 1994-02-03), Novel water treatment compositions
Publications (PubMed)
  • 31615551 (from 2019-10-17), The use or generation of biomedical data and existing medicines to discover and establish new treatments for patients with rare diseases - recommendations of the IRDiRC Data Mining and Repurposing Task Force.
  • 30333748 (from 2018-10-20), Using Machine Learning to Predict Synergistic Antimalarial Compound Combinations With Novel Structures.
  • 30310233 (from 2018-10-13), Drug repurposing: progress, challenges and recommendations.
  • 30169824 (from 2018-09-01), Understanding and predicting disease relationships through similarity fusion.
  • 29792283 (from 2018-05-25), Repurposing available drugs for neurodevelopmental disorders: The fragile X experience.
  • 29618004 (from 2018-04-05), The antidepressant tianeptine reverts synaptic AMPA receptor defects caused by deficiency of CDKL5.
  • 28673288 (from 2017-07-05), Nanobodies raised against monomeric ɑ-synuclein inhibit fibril formation and destabilize toxic oligomeric species.

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