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United Kingdom based
$0.055 M

Acellera is a technology company focused on delivering services and solutions to companies and academic institutions on computing intensive, mission critical applications. By using Molecular Dynamics, Machine learning and exploiting the outstanding computational capabilities of new accelerator processors, we help to achieve performances which would be otherwise unreachable using current standard technology.

Acellera has been developing machine learning based tools, gathering experience and earning expertise in this field. Some of these tools have been published in the scientific literature and are freely available at Playmolecule. We believe that machine learning techniques can accelerate the drug discovery process by identifying binding pockets, selecting better candidates, excluding toxic or reactive molecules and improving the ADMET profile of the selected agents.


AI Companies (Drug Discovery)  

R&D Platform

PlayMolecule is the first platform to offer molecular dynamics and machine learning applications for drug discovery with a specific focus on drug design. It offers a unique panel of visual tools ready to use by computational and medicinal chemists. This platform has been successfully tested in the D3R challenge, where several apps were used to win two blind sub-challenges of this contest . Our technology is backed by solid scientific intellectual property and has been validated by top pharmas worldwide.


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