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New ideas and innovations in drug discovery

Unveiling Hidden Drug Targets

   by Andrii Buvailo    3856

Scientists estimated that the human genome encodes above 20,000 different proteins in our body. However, available public databases contain records of known ligands for only about 10% of all proteins. Expanding the map of “druggable” proteins increases the chances of running into novel small molecule drugs.

A recent study, published in Cell, opens doors for unveiling novel drug targets and even reconsidering some of the known protein targets, previously tagged “undruggable”.

Learning From Nature: New Antibiotics Found In Our Body

   by Andrii Buvailo    2300

To date, nature has been the best teacher for drug discovery scientists, especially for those who develop antimicrobial drugs. Lately, a new example proving this notion emerged in press - a recent publication in a prestigious research journal Nature describing a new powerful method of identifying yet unknown classes of antibiotics by learning from bacteria living in our body - microbiota.