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Aruna Rajan, founder of Arogyam has about two decades of experience helping companies in the healthcare sector make strategic decisions and accelerate ROI through guided assessments. She has extensive knowledge in the genomics, NGS, precision oncology, liquid biopsy, and the molecular diagnostics space. Strong ability in capturing customer insights, performing technical analysis, sizing niche segments, financial modeling, evaluating market dynamics, identify/evaluate new product potential, and presenting high impact, tactical recommendations.
Prior to Arogyam, Aruna worked in the market insights group at Illumina conducting market and competitive analyses to support senior executives, product marketing, investor relations and sales. Before Illumina, Aruna was a strategy consultant at Scientia Advisors, a boutique life science strategy consulting company.

Her primary expertise lies in providing strategic insights and actionable information to life science companies. Lead problem solving efforts by identifying issues, forming hypotheses, designing, and conducting analyses, synthesizing conclusions into recommendations.

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Powered by Venture Funding, the Microbiome Market is Ready for Mainstream

Powered by Venture Funding, the Microbiome Market is Ready for Mainstream

2020 was an unusual year, for the first time, venture funding for microbiome companies substantially exceeded grant funding for microbiome research. In the year 2020, there were over 75K+ scientific publications, $1B+ grants awarded to microbiome research, ~150 ongoing clinical trials, and $1.5B+ venture funding. Does this mean that the microbiome market is evolving from being considered nascent to emerging/developing? To answer this question, let us dive deeper into the trends observed from the analytics of publications, grants, clinical trials, and venture funding.