A Landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Pharmaceutical R&D

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Endocrinology / Metabolic Disease

[Interview] Hacking Metabolomics With AI To Improve Clinical Research

   by Andrii Buvailo    1032
[Interview] Hacking Metabolomics With AI To Improve Clinical Research

Personalized medicine has become a paradigm-shifting trend in healthcare - the hegemony of  “one-size-fits-all” drugs is increasingly challenged by novel innovative modalities and therapies, laser-sharped for a specific group of patients, or even a single patient in some cases. This is a complex story, and the progress in personalized medicine will take time and tectonic shifts in the pharmaceutical research workflow. 

On the other hand, the advent of personalized medicine is only possible with a more personalized system for health assessment, new robust biomarkers, and novel approaches to run and monitor clinical trials. This will require diagnostics that can provide sufficient insight into the metabolic status of individuals, and relatively new science of metabolomics is now taking off in the biotech industry.