A Landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Pharmaceutical R&D

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ATMPS advanced therapy blockchain platform has successful testing with NHS partners

   by ATMPS Ltd    272

New ‘blockchain ecosystem’ has potential to track, from vein-to-vein, advanced therapies

19 October, 2020: ATMPS Ltd – a spinout of FarmaTrust announces that its Hataali blockchain platform has been successfully tested with University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust’s system interface. Data interoperability was shown to be possible, rendering the Hataali platform as the world’s first blockchain solution for advanced therapeutic medicinal products.

Pharma Companies Join Forces to Train AI for Drug Discovery Using Blockchain

   by Andrii Buvailo    8941
Pharma Companies Join Forces to Train AI for Drug Discovery Using Blockchain

The newly organized research project “MELLODDY” (Machine Learning Ledger Orchestration for Drug Discovery), involving ten large pharma companies and seven technology providers, is that kind of deals which can catalyze a transition of the pharmaceutical industry to a new level -- a “paradigm shift”, as one might refer to it in terms of Thomas Kuhn’s “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions”.

The project aims at developing a state-of-the-art platform for collaboration, based on Owkin’s blockchain architecture technology, which would allow collective training of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms using data from multiple direct pharmaceutical competitors, without exposing their internal know-hows and compromising their intellectual property -- for the collective benefit of everyone involved.