OMNY Health Partners with QuantHealth and ArisGlobal to Enhance AI-Driven Healthcare Solutions

by Roman Kasianov       News

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OMNY Health, a healthcare ecosystem specializing in compliant cross-industry data sharing, has launched a platform designed to support AI-driven health technology companies. This platform facilitates the use of large de-identified structured and unstructured electronic health record (EHR) datasets across diverse provider and patient populations.

QuantHealth and ArisGlobal are two of OMNY’s partners leveraging this platform to meet their AI-driven needs, aiming to enhance the development and application of AI solutions in healthcare.

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QuantHealth, an AI-driven clinical trial design company, utilizes AI technology trained on a dataset of 350 million patients. This collaboration with OMNY Health is intended to improve clinical trial timelines, mitigate trial risks, and identify sub-populations likely to respond to treatments. OMNY's integration of diverse EHRs into de-identified research data products aims to provide researchers and providers with comprehensive information to address disparities in clinical trials and demographic information gaps in drug discovery and development.

QuantHealth’s technology focuses on simulating clinical trials using real-world evidence to predict outcomes, drug efficacy, and patient responses. This approach is designed to expedite drug development and optimize clinical trials. The partnership with OMNY Health provides QuantHealth with a robust data infrastructure to enhance its simulations and improve the accuracy of its predictions.

QuantHealth recently secured strategic investment from Accenture Ventures and a leading CRO firm, bringing its Series A funding total to $17 million. Founded in 2020, QuantHealth aims to help pharmaceutical companies advance and de-risk their programs by using AI to simulate clinical trials. The company’s technology delivers real-world evidence to enhance clinical trial success rates.

OMNY Health’s partnership with ArisGlobal, a company specializing in pharmacovigilance, safety monitoring, and reporting systems, focuses on transforming safety signal validation and enabling proactive signal detection. ArisGlobal’s LifeSphere® products, combined with real-time real-world data (RWD) from OMNY, address the challenges of unreported adverse events and inefficient analysis of medical literature and online forums. This collaboration aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of drug safety monitoring and reporting.

Ann-Marie Orange, CIO and Global Head of R&D at ArisGlobal, noted that leveraging advanced technology and insights from extensive RWD aims to reshape drug discovery and development. By integrating LifeSphere products with OMNY’s data, the partnership seeks to provide more accurate and timely safety signal detection.

Topics: HealthTech   

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