Sanofi, Formation Bio, and OpenAI Partner to Innovate Drug Development with AI

by Roman Kasianov       News

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Sanofi, Formation Bio, and OpenAI have announced a pioneering collaboration aimed at accelerating drug development using artificial intelligence (AI). This partnership will combine proprietary data, advanced software, and specialized AI models to create tailored solutions for various stages of the drug development lifecycle.

Sanofi, a global healthcare company dedicated to advancing medicine through scientific innovation, plans to utilize this collaboration to enhance its AI capabilities, aligning with its stated goal to become the first biopharma company extensively powered by AI. The company's proprietary data will be instrumental in developing these AI models, furthering its mission to innovate drug development processes.

Paul Hudson, CEO of Sanofi, emphasized the significance of this collaboration, stating:

“This unique collaboration is the next significant step in our journey to becoming a pharmaceutical company substantially powered by AI. Next-generation, first-of-its-kind AI model customizations will be an important foundation in our efforts to shape the future of drug development for pharma and for the many patients waiting for innovative treatments.”

OpenAI, renowned for its AI research, will contribute its leading-edge AI technology, including fine-tuning models and providing deep AI expertise and resources.

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Formation Bio, known for its AI and tech-driven approach to drug development, is said to bring extensive engineering resources and a robust tech-driven development platform to the table. The company aims to design, develop, and deploy AI technologies across all aspects of the pharmaceutical lifecycle. Founded in 2016 as TrialSpark Inc., Formation Bio focuses on overcoming the bottlenecks in drug development by leveraging AI to accelerate clinical trials and other development processes. By partnering, acquiring, or in-licensing drugs from various entities, Formation Bio aims to expedite the journey from clinical proof of concept to bringing new medicines to patients.

Topics: Biotech Companies   

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