Veranova and Phorum.AI Partner to Deliver Generative AI Chemistry Optimization to the Pharmaceutical & Biotech Industry

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Veranova and Phorum.AI have partnered to revolutionize pharmaceutical manufacturing processes using generative artificial intelligence. This collaboration combines Veranova's extensive 20-year dataset with Phorum.AI's cutting-edge AI technology to develop optimized manufacturing processes.

Phorum.AI, co-founded by MIT Professor of Chemistry Brad Pentelute and David Shrier, CEO of Visionary Future LLC, has focused on the development of advanced computational chemistry engines. These engines use proprietary AI models to provide real-world optimization in pharmaceutical manufacturing. The partnership with Veranova is expected to enhance the scalability and impact of these AI solutions, potentially reducing costs, speeding up development timelines, and minimizing environmental impact.

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Veranova's robust dataset, derived from its two decades of experience in manufacturing active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and managing drug master files (DMFs), will be integrated with Phorum.AI's AI capabilities. This aims to significantly shorten the time required for process optimization compared to traditional methods.

Mike Riley, CEO of Veranova, highlighted the potential improvements in pharmaceutical processing quality and efficiency.

“Phorum.AI and Veranova have the potential to create a step change in the quality and development efficiency of pharmaceutical processing. We are delighted to partner with a leading AI technology innovator to be able to offer our clients a new capability that has the potential to develop optimized manufacturing processes at an accelerated pace.”

Dan Chinnapen, CEO of Phorum.AI, emphasized the partnership's role in accelerating the market readiness of new therapeutics and reducing costs.

“By partnering with Veranova, a worldwide leader in developing and manufacturing APIs, we are able to more rapidly scale our market footprint and create greater impact sooner. [...] We are excited to reduce time to market and mitigate costs for much-needed therapeutics”.

Topics: Biotech Companies   

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