Cytomos to Unveil Celledonia™ Technology at London Biotechnology Show 2024

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Cytomos, a TechBio company, is gearing up to introduce attendees at the London Biotechnology Show 2024 to its latest development, Celledonia™, which is built upon the company's innovative AuraCyt™ platform. The AuraCyt™ platform stands out for its ability to monitor a comprehensive array of cell features concurrently, collecting data on intrinsic cellular properties in near-real-time. This technology promises to provide label-free, unbiased, consistent, accurate, and reliable predictive cell analytics.

The Celledonia™ instrument, designed for the benchtop, encapsulates a decade of deep technological research and development by Cytomos. It aims to significantly enhance single-cell analysis, potentially revolutionizing biological drug discovery, development processes, and biologics manufacturing. This could include faster and more efficient production of complex biologics like monoclonal antibodies and cell and gene therapies.

According to Cytomos CEO David Rigterink, the introduction of Celledonia™ before its official launch represents a significant milestone in single-cell analytics. Dr. Fernanda Masri, Chief Commercial and Innovation Officer at Cytomos, emphasized the instrument's capability to transform biotech development and manufacturing by overcoming the limitations of existing tools.

The London Biotechnology Show, held at Olympia West in London, serves as a major platform for showcasing cutting-edge biotechnology innovations that could impact the medical and healthcare sectors worldwide. Cytomos will display their technology at stand ST15 in the Start-up Zone, inviting attendees to explore the functionalities of Celledonia™ firsthand.

Cytomos is an early-stage company that can operate both independently and alongside traditional technologies like flow cytometry. The AuraCyt™ technology employs cost-efficient microchip technology and dielectric spectroscopy to provide detailed, real-time analytics, enhancing both biomanufacturing and research applications. Its scalable nature makes it unique in measuring cellular physiology based on intrinsic single-cell properties.

As Cytomos continues to collaborate with leaders in the bioprocessing and "techbio" sectors, it aims to establish itself as a principal partner in Process Analytical Technology (PAT) for cell analytics, leveraging AuraCyt™ to foster advancements in biological drug development and manufacturing automation.

Topics: Emerging Technologies   

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