Isospec Analytics Secures $1.9 Million to Advance Biomolecular Identification Technology

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Any given human blood sample has 15,000 small biological molecules that can give precise information about a person’s health at any given time. However, less than 5% of these molecules are known and can be identified. The team at Isospec Analytics has developed a breakthrough biomolecular analysis technology that identifies unknown molecules at scale for pharmaceutical, agritech and nutrition companies.

The Lausanne-based company recently secured $1.9 million in funding to propel the commercialization of this advanced molecular analysis tool.

Founded in 2022 by Ahmed Ben Faleh, Stephan Warnke, and Thomas Rizzo, Isospec was born from over two decades of interdisciplinary research combining analytical chemistry, photonics, and cryogenic materials originally developed for space applications. Their technology introduces a novel dimension to molecular analysis by integrating infrared analysis within mass spectrometry. This integration offers a unique metric for swiftly identifying molecular structures, reducing the identification process from months to mere minutes.

Founders of Isospec Analytics

Isospec Analytics founders (from left to right): Thomas Rizzo; Ahmed Ben Faleh; Stephan Warnke.


Traditional methods for identifying molecules rely heavily on mass analysis, which often falls short in differentiating molecules with identical masses but different structures, known as isomers. For instance, distinguishing toxic isomers from therapeutic ones is vital, as they can share the same mass yet exhibit drastically different effects. Isospec's approach not only enhances sensitivity to trace components but also improves the accuracy of structural identification.

The technology's development stemmed from efforts at the Laboratory of Molecular Physical Chemistry (LCPM) at EPFL, where it has already been applied to analyze sugars and metabolites in the food and agritech industries. This application supports quality control and aids in product research and development. Beyond these applications, Isospec is exploring the potential of their technology in discovering new biomarkers for therapeutic development and diagnostics.

Dr. Ahmed Ben Faleh, co-founder and CEO of Isospec, highlighted the significant potential of their technology in medical diagnostics. He noted that while current capabilities allow the identification of fewer than 5% of the small biological molecules in human blood, their technology could unlock insights from the remaining 95% of unknown molecules, aiding in the development of treatments for serious diseases.

The recent funding round was led by Founderful (formerly Wingman Ventures), with additional investments from,, and Venture Kick. Alex Stöckl, a partner at Founderful and board member at Isospec, expressed strong confidence in the company's pioneering research and its commercial viability.

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