Curve Therapeutics Adds £10 Million for Its Intracellular Screening Platform

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British Patient Capital has invested £10m in Southampton-based biotechnology firm Curve Therapeutics through its Future Fund: Breakthrough programme and co-investment initiative. This investment contributes to Curve’s Series A financing round, which totals £40.5m and includes other investors such as Pfizer Ventures, Columbus Venture Partners, Advent Life Sciences, and Epidarex Capital.

Curve Therapeutics is developing an intracellular screening platform named Microcycle®. This platform aims to discover biologically active molecules that target diseases which have been challenging to address with traditional drug discovery approaches. The company's current research efforts are focused on creating new cancer treatments, aspiring to establish a pipeline of first-in-class therapeutics.

The investment from British Patient Capital is intended to expedite the development of Curve's assets towards clinical trials and to broaden the application of its discovery platform to a wider array of complex intracellular protein targets.

Ian Connatty, Managing Director of Direct & Co-investment at British Patient Capital, remarked on the UK's role as a leader in life sciences and expressed support for Curve Therapeutics' innovative drug discovery approach. Connatty’s comments reflect the potential of Curve's research to contribute to the UK’s life sciences sector.

Simon Kerry, CEO of Curve Therapeutics, acknowledged the investment from British Patient Capital, noting the strength of the company's investor syndicate. Kerry highlighted the Microcycle platform’s capabilities in drug discovery, particularly its effectiveness in identifying functional hits and leads. With this investment, Curve aims to maximize the platform's potential and advance a diverse pipeline of programs that address unmet clinical needs, especially in cancer treatment.

The Future Fund: Breakthrough programme, with a fund of £375m, is aimed at supporting R&D-intensive UK companies engaged in cutting-edge technology development. A recent announcement following the Autumn Statement revealed an extension of the Future Fund: Breakthrough programme, with an additional £50m allocated to invest in innovative, high-growth firms, underscoring the UK government’s commitment to promoting innovation and supporting the life sciences industry.

Topics: Emerging Technologies   

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