Ultima Genomics Launches UG 100™ Sequencer to Advance Affordable Genomic Sequencing

by Roman Kasianov       News

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Ultima Genomics, Inc., a pioneer in genomic sequencing technology, has introduced the UG 100™, a groundbreaking sequencer designed to significantly reduce the cost of genomic sequencing, thereby making the "$100 genome" a reality. This marks a pivotal moment in the genomics field by providing a cost-effective and highly accurate platform that could democratize access to genomic data for researchers and clinicians worldwide.

The UG 100™ system is Ultima's inaugural commercial product, leveraging an innovative sequencing architecture that departs from traditional flow cells in favor of an open silicon wafer substrate. This design not only reduces costs but also enhances sequencing efficiency and accuracy. The system is equipped with proprietary wafer-based sequencing substrates and flexible, non-kit-based sequencing reagent cartridges, along with advanced sequencing chemistry. It is designed for high-throughput applications, addressing the need for scalable and accurate genomic sequencing.

Key features of the UG 100™ include low-cost reagents, enabling sequencing at an unprecedented industry-leading price of $1.00 per gigabase (Gb) or $0.30 per million reads. The system promises flexibility and automation with the capability for continuous operation, thanks to built-in robotics and the ability to perform weekend sequencing operations within a standard 5-day work week. The UG 100™ system can produce up to 2.4 terabases (Tb) per wafer, with dual wafer sequencing run output reaching up to 4.8 Tb.

Ultima has also introduced ppmSeq™, a novel feature of the UG 100™ system, designed to significantly enhance the accuracy of single nucleotide variant (SNV) detection. ppmSeq™ achieves raw read error rates for SNVs as low as 1 in 1,000,000, or Q60 levels of accuracy, without necessitating additional costs, extra reagents, or modifications to the existing workflow.

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