Xcell Biosciences and ElevateBio Forge Partnership to Enhance Cell and Gene Therapy Development

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Xcell Biosciences, Inc., a notable company in the field of cell and gene therapy applications, has recently unveiled a strategic partnership with ElevateBio, LLC. This collaboration is set to explore innovative methods to augment the therapeutic efficacy of cell and gene therapies. A key highlight of this alliance is ElevateBio's induction as the inaugural participant in Xcellbio’s AVATAR Foundry™ beta program. Moreover, the partnership is strengthened by the appointment of Michael Paglia, Chief Technology Officer at ElevateBio’s BaseCamp®, to Xcellbio’s Scientific Advisory Board.

ElevateBio stands out as a technology-centric entity, focused on the commercialization of its technologies and manufacturing prowess through collaborative efforts, thereby expediting the development of genetic medicines. Their integrated ecosystem at BaseCamp merges process development and current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) manufacturing business with advanced gene editing, cell engineering technologies, and both viral and non-viral delivery systems.

The collaboration will grant ElevateBio BaseCamp scientists access to Xcellbio’s cutting-edge AVATAR™ incubator system for cell therapy research and development. Additionally, two new platforms will be available: the AVATAR Ai™ system, which assesses the potency of cell therapies, and the AVATAR Foundry system, designed for cGMP cell therapy manufacturing. These systems aim to metabolically reprogram therapeutic cells to enhance their effectiveness in the tumor microenvironment (TME), with the AVATAR Ai offering real-time analysis of tumor cytotoxicity under TME conditions.

Brian Feth, co-founder and CEO of Xcellbio, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, recognizing ElevateBio as a key player in the cell and gene therapy domains. He anticipates that this partnership will significantly impact the way these treatments are utilized in healthcare. Feth also welcomed Mike Paglia's expertise to their R&D efforts through his role on the advisory board.

The AVATAR AI and AVATAR Foundry, developed by Xcell Biosciences, represent two interconnected facets of their advanced approach to cell and gene therapy.

AVATAR AI is an important tool for developing rapid and accurate potency assays for cell therapy products, leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms to predict IC50 values and dose-response curves in real time. This capability is vital for precise drug screening in immunotherapy research, supported by intuitive software and programmable features that ensure accurate experimental setup and analysis.

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Complementing this is the AVATAR Foundry, an automated device specifically designed for the production of autologous cell therapies. Integral to the AVATAR product line, which includes the AVATAR incubator system for controlling oxygen concentration and pressure on cells, the AVATAR Foundry focuses on cGMP cell therapy manufacturing. It plays a key role in metabolically reprogramming therapeutic cells to enhance their potency and persistence in the TME, a process crucially informed by the insights gained from the AVATAR AI. Together, these two systems create a cohesive solution for improving the development and manufacturing of cell and gene therapies, enhancing the potency and effectiveness of treatments in the challenging landscape of the tumor microenvironment.

For those interested in learning more about the AVATAR Foundry system beta program, Xcellbio will be present at the Advanced Therapies Week in Miami, scheduled from January 16–19.

Topics: Biotech Companies   

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