C4X Discovery: Advancing Drug Discovery with NRF2 Activator Program

by Illia Petrov          News

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C4X Discovery Holdings plc (AIM: C4XD), a drug discovery company, recently announced a significant milestone in its partnership with AstraZeneca. The company received an $11 million payment, a testament to the preclinical advancements in its NRF2 Activator program, reflecting a promising start to 2024 for C4XD.

The collaboration between C4X Discovery and AstraZeneca, initiated in November 2022, revolves around the development of C4XD's NRF2 Activator program. As part of the exclusive worldwide license agreement, C4XD initially received a $2 million upfront payment and stands to gain up to $400 million more, contingent on the achievement of various preclinical, clinical, and commercial milestones. Additionally, C4XD is eligible for tiered mid-single digit royalties on future sales of products derived from this collaboration.

AstraZeneca's development of the NRF2 Activator program underlines the program's potential in treating inflammatory and respiratory diseases. The focus is on creating an oral therapy, primarily targeting chronic respiratory diseases. NRF2, known for its challenging nature in drug discovery, plays a critical role in regulating antioxidant response in cells, making it a key target for treating diseases with underlying inflammatory processes.

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