C4 Therapeutics and Merck Collaborate on Innovative Cancer Treatment

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In a recent move in the biotechnology sector, C4 Therapeutics, Inc. (C4T) has announced a collaboration with pharmaceutical giant Merck (MRK). This partnership is centered on the development of degrader-antibody conjugates (DACs), focusing on a key oncology target.

Emergence of DACs in Cancer Therapy

DACs represent an innovative approach in cancer treatment, designed to selectively neutralize disease-causing proteins. This emerging modality combines C4T's advanced protein degradation technology with Merck's expertise in biological chemistry, marking a pivotal step in targeted cancer therapies.

Under the terms of the agreement, C4T receives an initial $10 million from Merck, with the potential to earn up to $600 million in milestone payments, along with royalties on future net sales. Merck will lead the development phases, encompassing preclinical and clinical studies, and will oversee the commercialization of any successful therapies.Expansion Potential and Strategic Benefits

The deal also includes an option for Merck to extend the collaboration to three additional targets, which could result in nearly $2.5 billion in total payments for C4T. This agreement is a strategic boon for C4T, providing crucial funding to support its research and development pipeline.

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