Vandria Gains Momentum with $20.6M Funding to Propel Novel CNS and Mitochondrial Therapies

by Illia Petrov          News

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Vandria SA, a Swiss biotechnology firm specializing in mitochondrial therapeutics, recently announced a significant milestone in its journey. The company has secured $20.6 million (CHF18 million) in Series A financing, led by ND Capital, supplemented by high net worth private investors. This funding is a testament to Vandria's emergence from its initial stealth phase and marks its readiness to advance into the clinical stage.

The company, a spinoff from Amazentis SA in 2021, has been focusing on the development of novel small molecule mitophagy inducers. These inducers are designed to rejuvenate cells and treat a variety of age-related and chronic diseases. Mitophagy, a process involving the selective removal and replacement of damaged mitochondria, plays a critical role in maintaining cellular health and function.

Vandria's lead program, VNA-318, stands out as a patent-protected, brain-penetrant mitophagy inducer. It is slated to enter clinical trials in Europe in the second quarter of 2024. The compound has shown promising results in pre-clinical studies, demonstrating the ability to improve memory and learning, along with strong disease-modifying effects in models of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease.

The company's progress and potential are underpinned by its distinguished management team, including CEO Klaus Dugi, CSO Penelope Andreux, and Head of BD & Finance Peter Harboe-Schmidt. Additionally, Vandria benefits from the expertise of its board chairman, Patrick Aebischer, and a group of elite advisors in various relevant fields.

The Series A funding will be pivotal for Vandria as it transitions into a clinical-stage company, with a focus on addressing cognitive impairment and neurodegeneration. The company's innovative approach to targeting mitochondria in drug development positions it at the forefront of a burgeoning field. With the Alzheimer’s disease market alone projected to grow significantly, Vandria is well-placed to contribute meaningful solutions in this area.

Furthermore, Vandria is not just limited to CNS disorders. Its pipeline includes other mitophagy-inducing small molecules targeting diseases affecting muscle, lung, and liver. This broad focus on various age-related and chronic conditions highlights the company's commitment to addressing unmet medical needs through innovative therapeutic approaches.

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