Portal Innovations Empowers Biotech Ventures in Chicago and Atlanta

by Illia Petrov          Biopharma insight

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Portal Innovations, headquartered in Chicago, is a biotech-focused venture capital company seeking to bolster the expansion of biotech startups in up-and-coming life sciences centers like Chicago and Atlanta. John Flavin, the CEO of Portal, founded the company to cater to life sciences firms in ecosystems that lack the infrastructure and supportive community found in well-established hubs such as Boston and the Bay Area. Institutions like Northwestern, the University of Chicago, and the University of Illinois in Chicago have emphasized the recruitment of forward-thinking faculty in life sciences, resulting in an abundance of promising ideas. Portal Innovations provides specialized wet lab facilities to startups, equipping them with the vital infrastructure and support needed to thrive.

Operating a $25 million fund at present, Portal Innovations has invested in a dozen of the 35 companies that occupy its 50,000 square feet of lab space. The recent decision by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative to select Chicago as the location for its next CZ Biohub further emphasizes the growth of the city's life sciences landscape. Portal Innovations intends to broaden its scope by setting up a second laboratory in Atlanta, Georgia, in order to capitalize on the potential offered by the area's research institutions and burgeoning pool of talent. Through constructing the essential infrastructure and offering seed capital and know-how, Portal Innovations is determined to nurture the success of trailblazing biotechnology firms in these rising life sciences ecosystems.


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