Altasciences Boosts Life-Saving Drug Development with Proscia's Digital Pathology Platform

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In a strategic move to improve the drug development process, Altasciences has partnered with Proscia, a leading provider of digital and computational pathology solutions. The collaboration leverages Proscia's Concentriq® for Research platform to streamline preclinical development decisions and bring life-saving therapeutics to patients faster.

The drug development landscape faces significant challenges, with the average drug taking 10 to 15 years and costing $2.6 billion to reach the market. Altasciences' adoption of digital pathology aims to tackle these hurdles by optimizing preclinical and clinical research processes. Digitizing pathology workflows will enable Altasciences to access valuable pathology data more efficiently, ultimately driving innovation and reducing costs for biopharmaceutical companies.

The Concentriq for Research platform, trusted by 14 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies and numerous CROs, accelerates breakthroughs across the R&D value chain. Initially, Altasciences plans to use the platform to unify massive volumes of study data and streamline collaboration among internal and external stakeholders. This unified approach will empower scientists to draw faster, more complete conclusions, facilitating seamless integration with sponsors' teams.

Furthermore, Altasciences intends to capitalize on the platform's recently expanded capabilities for GLP-compliant studies and world-class interoperability. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI), the CRO can unlock new insights and further streamline the drug development process.

This strategic partnership between Altasciences and Proscia demonstrates a shared commitment to innovation and a drive to revolutionize drug development. By embracing digital pathology and AI, Altasciences is positioning itself as a pioneer in the industry, paving the way for faster and more cost-effective development of life-saving drugs for patients worldwide.


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