8 Notable Companies Making Strides in Decentralized Clinical Trials

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The world of clinical trials is undergoing a paradigm shift as the rise of decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) revolutionizes the way researchers conduct studies. With innovative technologies and novel approaches to trial management, a new breed of trailblazers is paving the way for the future of clinical research. In this blog article, we'll explore eight companies making waves in the DCT landscape, showcasing the remarkable progress they've made in recent years. From blockchain-powered data management to AI-driven patient recruitment, these cutting-edge organizations are breaking down traditional barriers and empowering patients to participate in trials with greater ease, flexibility, and convenience.

The space is dominated by large contract research players, like IQVIA, In this post, we will review eight relatively young companies enabling decentralized clinical trials. 

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Deep 6 AI

Deep 6 AI is a health technology company founded in 2015, specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for decentralized clinical trials. Their platform focuses on patient recruitment, trial feasibility, and site selection by analyzing structured and unstructured real-world data from electronic health records (EHRs) and other sources.

Using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms, Deep 6 AI's platform identifies eligible patients for clinical trials based on specific criteria such as demographics, medical history, and diagnoses. This helps researchers expedite the recruitment process, which is often a time-consuming and costly aspect of clinical trials.

The platform also assists in determining trial feasibility by providing insights into patient populations, ensuring trials are designed with realistic expectations. Additionally, Deep 6 AI's solution aids in selecting the most suitable trial sites, factoring in aspects like patient availability, site performance, and investigator experience.



ClinTex is a health technology company founded in 2017 that utilizes blockchain and machine learning to enhance the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of decentralized clinical trials. Their primary product, Clinical Trials Intelligence (CTi), is a suite of seven applications aimed at addressing various clinical trial pain points.

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Topics: Industry Trends   

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