Better Data Management is Key for Clinical Trials: Interview with Raj Indupuri, CEO, eClinical Solutions

by Andrii Buvailo, PhD          Interview

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The digitalization of clinical trials and the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) has been a hot topic for a number of years now. Below is my interview with Mr. Raj Indupuri, CEO of eClinical Solutions where we discuss some trends and use cases in this area, and how the company helps solve some of the hurdles of the industry. 

eClinical Solutions is a Boston-based company, founded in 2012, with a mission to improve clinical trials -- by providing unique and high-quality solutions for the efficient collection, standardization, reporting, and role-based utilization of clinical research data. The company offers elluminate® -- clinical trial software that makes your job easier - a powerful clinical data platform providing data visibility, traceability, transformation, and clinical data analysis. 

The original interview is available in video format, and the text below was edited for clarity and length.


Andrii: Can you briefly outline your career, and how have you joined the company, helping run a “clinical trial improving” business? 


Raj: By educational background, I am a mechanical engineer and I came to the USA in 1997. My first job was at the biotech company -- I have been fortunate to be in this industry for most of my career. In the early phase of it, I started as a database developer and I used to help companies move from paper-based processes to electronic processes. If you are familiar with clinical trials, electronic data capture was a big initiative that helped collect trial data more efficiently -- it was a big thing in, I would say, the late 1990s and early 2000s. I always believed technology is a key enabler to help bring medicines for patients faster, and specifically -- data-related technologies. More recently we've been working with clients helping with digital transformation initiatives and helping modernize the technologies so it has been quite an exciting journey for me personally, but what is even more exciting for me is where we are right now and what is ahead for the company and for the industry. 


Andrii: What is the company doing? How would you describe your product and how it brings value to your clients? 


Raj: We offer a cloud-based data analytics platform that helps modernize and digitize clinical trials via reducing inefficiencies, cycle times, and increasing collaboration. The platform also provides valuable insights in near real-time. We also have a services business which is a big component of our organization.  elluminate® is our data analytics platform that actually enables companies to bring data from any source and any structure, in any format, into one central hub. We have capabilities that can elegantly and efficiently transform this raw data into something meaningful for insights and intelligent decision-making. 

Over the past few years, clinical trials have been getting extremely complex and the amount of data that we are collecting has been increasing significantly. Companies are dealing with what I call “data chaos”, and our products and services help companies solve this data problem and start managing data in more smart ways. 


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Topics: Emerging Technologies   

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